profile2Suzanne’s Background

I was born  into a family that had a deeper understanding of communicating with animals; to us it was as an everyday part of life. I grew up surrounded by animals, in a family that loved them. Our household pets were part of our family. And , included cats, dogs, birds, fish, ducks, hamsters, a goat, ponies, the cows that lived near-by and my horse, Teddy Boy.

My Mom said” horse” was one of my first words and that I was born loving them. I asked (begged !) for riding lessons and I learned how to ride when I was about, 7 years old. I got my first, after school job, when I was about 10 years old giving pony rides and, teaching little kids how to ride. I was giving pony rides and taking care of them at the neighboring, pre-kindergarten school.

This early beginning grew into a lifetime of experiences with horses, students, training, teaching and many adventures with animals. Animal Talking DIY developed from all these experiences.

Suzanne and Animals

Everyday communicating with animals has always been a natural part of my life .I have spent my life time working with horses and sharing my love of horses and animals with others,   helping to make their dream of learning all about horses and to ride well come true for them.

Suzanne Slater & Jason

Suzanne & Jason, 1963

On my eleventh birthday I received a gift horse, his name was Teddy and he helped raise me, he was a sweet, patient, loving soul and a great teacher. A year later, we moved to another town and  I rode him the 20 miles , to our new home. Teddy was my buddy and companion through my teen years.. He took very good care of me as I did of him.

An example of my experiences in animal communication, I share with you, was when I was about 7 years old., On a Spring day , I was walking in the cow’s pasture near my house,  I stopped and watched a cow eating Raspberry leaves and bushes & I thought to myself,” don’t the pickers hurt her mouth?, & the cow looked at me and answered me with her thought!

She said,  “ no little one, they don’t hurt me, my mouth is made to eat such things, and  raspberry bushes are tender  in the Spring,, and are  good for us ladies”. “Okay, thank-you,” I thought back to her. She went back to her eating, I was satisfied she was not hurting her mouth, went on with my walk. I didn’t think anything more about our communication because to me it was as natural as the nature around me .Years later when I studied  herbal remedies, I found that  raspberry is very  good for  females and I remembered back to what the cow had communicated to me, read more about this and other authentic animal communications I have had in the e-book.


I have studied advanced animal communication with other leading animal communicators. I attended riding, teaching, and theory clinics with the top equine professionals of the Northeast, including hunt and balance-seat, dressage, jumping and combined-training.

Riding Ring at Slater Stables

Riding Ring at Slater Stables

I also owned and managed my own stables in New York and was a president and the founder of Tri-County Riding Association of the greater Albany, NY area.  Many years of experience as an animal communicator and psychic. Presently I have a family of ten rescued cats that own me and continuously teach me about life with animals!

Sarah Slater

Sarah Slater & BeBop Deluxe

Sarah & BeBop Deluxe 1975

I work closely together with my daughter Sarah. She is co-hosting our animal talking workshops at Venture Inward Center in East Greenbush, NY. She is a wonderful and intuitive person, who also grew up with animals. As a young child in my riding stables, she trained her first pony at the age of 10 and started teaching horsemanship to other children in our horsemanship school. She is an accomplished equestrian, trainer and riding instructor and loves sharing her experiences with other people.

Suzanne and Sarah Slater at Slater Stables

Suzanne and Sarah Slater winning a mother-daughter pair class at Millbrook, NY