Animal Communication

What is Animal Talking/Communication?

Animal talking / communication is a natural information exchange between  “animals and animals” and “humans and animals”. It involves the person observing, noting and receiving the messages animals send out through their body language, expressions and feelings.

Animals communicate automatically, but it is up to us, humans, to look for it and read their messages. The communication between humans and animals has been done since the earliest of times and it is part of every animal owner’s day.

Why do We Communicate?

I am giving you an example of this from my own background of running a horse stable. When you work with horses, it is important to recognize their expressions simply for safety reasons. A horse is a big animal that can be unpredictable if feeling unsafe.  And for that I have developed a routine of observation, keeping the horse calm and reading their body language. Some people call this horse whispering as it is done in a soft, gentle way like a whisper.

My example is with horses, but the same thing works with all animals. Animal communication helps us to understand each other better and it makes the every-day life with animals, easier, safer and more enjoyable.

What are the benefits of animal communication?

There are so many benefits, but I believe that the most important one is that you and your animal will enjoy each other more. Like in any relationship, communication is the key to success, whether it is between humans or animals.

Other benefits include things like:

  • Improving the relationship between you and your animal
  • Better behavior and calming of emotional issues
  • Helpful in rescuing, relocation and transition of an animal/animals
  • Helpful in creating harmony, happiness and coexistence among animals in their group dynamics.
  • Improving daily interactions, training and routines
  • Helping with sick animals
  • Helping ease and sooth through emergencies
  • Helps you better understand the natural world of animals