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Should I Rescue an Animal?

We found an amazing group of people that have rescued animals and are eager to share their stories and experiences with you! You might be unsure what to expect with a new animal and what kind of challenges or issues you might run into. Or maybe you are not even sure if you are enough of an animal person to begin with. Well, we are hoping that the stories from people that have gone through the same questions and thoughts before, will encourage you to adopt a puppy or or give a home to a rescued cat!


“He has taught me patience, unconditional love, and how to have fun again.”

“I have never had the opportunity to rescue, dogs from the streets have decided to adopt us many a time.”

“I highly encourage adoption of strays!!”

“All I can say is my four dogs rescued me.”

“Although she was a bit timid when she arrived, she has now become the warm and confident kitty I knew she would be.”


The stories of the rescuers are very inspirational and we truly hope you enjoy them!

You can read the full e-book (PDF-file) HERE.

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Feel free to use the material in any way that you think it might help rescuing animals. And of course we would love to hear the different ways that you are using the stories people have shared here.

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