Why Spay / Neuter? Why Contribute To Humaneness?

DSC03752Why spay / neuter? You will help an animal and make an invaluable difference in its life. For you. you will feel  good about creating humaneness and preventing over population of animals. Did you know that in 7 years an unaltered female cat can produce 370,000 kittens? An unaltered female dog can produce 67,000 puppies in 6 years. Spay / neuter is a onetime cost! It is an investment in better for an animal’s life.

Spay/neuter prevents many negative behaviors. Unwanted pregnancies, going into heat, wandering, fighting and biting are some of the negative things that spay/ neuter prevents. Good life, good health, good behavior is promoted through spaying and neutering.

Good veterinarians realize its importance and some are offering it as early as 8 weeks. There are also spay/neuter clinics that you can use. They offer excellent state of the art service at subsidized, low prices.

Contributing donations to spay/neuter clinics will foster humaneness to animals and lowers the high over population by lowering the harm it causes to animals.

Whether you spay/neuter a pet or are contributing to the clinic, or even both , helping animals and lowering the over population of animals. And on top of that, you will feel good!

Here is a prime example of one of the clinics doing a wonderful job helping our animal friends:

Everyanimalmatters.org – this organization has spayed and neutered over 184,000 cats since 1997. As a result Connecticut has the lowest euthanasia rates for cats in the nation.

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This is how we started rescuing cats!

Mama cat

Mama cat

Hello, I thought of you all and decided it was time to write another blog post! I wanted to talk about my experience with the rescues over my lifetime.  As I write this, I realize and share with you that ultimately each rescue was an exchange of energy of the highest level. I both gave and received good energy. Continue reading

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DIY tips for finding a lost pet

How to find a lost animalI have had several people coming to me recently looking for help with finding their lost pets. So I decided to write down some ideas about what can be done to find a lost pet. It is a terrible feeling to lose a pet, but let’s review a few ways of trying to find the pet. Remaining calm; when we are calm, we tend to think clearer. Feel free to use my meditation to calm yourself and maybe connect and communicate with your animal mentally
www.animaltalkingdiy.com/nature-visual-meditation/ Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day, Animal Pals of Mine Day

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Remembering all who put a smile on our hearts Valentine’s Day is a celebration and appreciation of love and friendship. It’s a time to take a moment to think of all those who have made us feel good and cared … Continue reading

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Do-it-yourself tip: How to Build an Outdoor Cat House

Today I am going to write about building an outdoor cat a house that is protected from the cold, wind, and rain. It is a secure shelter. A blog or so ago, I mentioned that when you are a humane and caring person, you never know when a stray, starving, cold cat might appear in your yard. We had this happen a little bit ago, and this is why I was inspired to write this blog post. Continue reading

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Holiday Time with Our Animals

Holiday season is a great time to enjoy our animals more. My cats get extra attention and they are included in our Christmas traditions and festivities. We all get something special to eat and we make sure they have enough catnip. We spend extra time playing with them and enjoying each others’ company.

All of our animals are rescues and we like to think it is Christmas in our home every day. Both for us and for them, as we really appreciate what we have done for them and what they do for us, every day. So, holidays are a great time for us to expand on those feelings. We live in a world that we don’t always remember to appreciate the beings and things we have around us, so it’s nice to take this time of the year to look around us and to love and enjoy each other.

Foxy Angel - our latest rescueWe are animal talkers and Foxy Angel, our latest rescue made it clear that he does not want to wear his angel halo and wings-costume, but would like to lay down next to it and play with it for the photo. Just like a cat would do!

As St. Francis put it, we should remember our animals on Christmas and give them comfort, rest and good food! It is said that the animals talked in the stables the night that Jesus was born and Jesus was a lover of animals and promoted humaneness.

So we are wishing you a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones!

How are you spending your holidays with your pets? Special treats? Gentle Grooming? Playful time? Long walks? Relaxing and resting? Just enjoying each other…

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Story of one Rescue!

So, we never know when a new rescue comes to our lives. Sometimes it’s a surprise that we can’t really prepare or plan for. Like when a starving stray shows up at our door asking for help, food, and comfort. What do we do? Hopefully we help the one in need. Here’s a story of our latest rescue:

Mr. Foxy Angel Boy

DSC01218As many of you know, we have a screened in cat patio that gives our indoor cats a chance to go outside and exercise and enjoy the fresh air. What the cat patio also does though, is that it attracts other cats and strays that are around. We have a neighbor cat, which is hungry and loves to be with us. We give her a plate of food and a bowl of water daily.

One day we saw a new cat that seemed like he had been surviving in the nature for a while and was looking for food, water and company. He would eat whatever was left on the plate and we started seeing him regularly. At first, he was very afraid of people and wouldn’t come close to us. I started talking to him and eventually made friends and won him over. He seemed relieved to have a friend and was very vocal. I also gave him Bach Rescue Remedy so he would feel more comfortable and better. And it worked.

We built him an insulated, water-proofed cat house outside, where he could stay safe and comfortable and started to check for poster in local supermarkets and ads in the lost & found to see, if anyone is looking for their lost cat. He was VERY thin and full of ticks, so we removed the ticks, put a defleaing spot on and began gently grooming him and removing the burrs in his long hair.

Since we didn’t hear from anyone or see anyone looking for him, we brought him into the house, once the Upstate NY weather started freezing. He was very appreciative and purred a lot. We had a separate room that became his so he would feel safe. We have other cats, so we made sure to keep him separate from them at first. We do this for about 6 weeks. When you bring a new rescue to the house, you never know what kind of problems they have, so it is better to be safe and keep them away from the other cats. It also gives the cats a chance to smell each other and get used to each other in a safe environment.

Seeing and sharing his joy, comfort and bliss to be warm, safe and have a full belly was awesome! We named him Mr. Foxy Angel Boy as he looks like a fox and he is like a little angel. He likes evaporated milk, and chicken and turkey so we made sure to give him plenty of that! Now that he has settled in, he is very kind and appreciative and loves company. You can never pet him too much. Next we will find a low-cost non-profit that offers a pet spay/neuter subsidy program and get him neutered.

Once the cat is feeling better and healthy we will introduce him to the other cats by holding him in my arms and letting him see the entire house. Then I sit down and let the other cats sniff him while holding him in my arms. Then we put him back in to the room. We will do this over and over, and let him get comfortable with the house and let the cats all get comfortable with each other step-by-step instead of letting him loose right-away. Even when he will be allowed loose in the house, it is important to keep an eye on him.

It has been such a rewarding experience to see him getting happier, healthier and regaining weight and his coat is growing back! I wanted to share this story with you. For us, helping the yard strays, rescuing them is our hobby and our charity, and it is a great reward! We enjoy all the cat personalities, companionship and love we get to see and live with.

Have you given a home to any strays? I would love to hear your stories, tips and experiences!

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How to get your cats and dogs ready for winter?

dog and cat playingI live in upstate New York and a long, harsh and cold winter is a part of life we all need to deal with. The goal is to prepare well, for both ourselves and for our animals. Before we talk about how to prepare our animals for the winter, let’s break some of the common myths!

The Animal’s fur is enough to keep them  warm in the cold, windblown weather – FALSE (mostly)

The truth is that a fur coat is not adequate to protect an animal from extreme cold weather and harsh winds, unless we are talking about dogs like the Alaskan Sled Dog that has been bred for the extreme cold. For other dogs and for cats, being on the ice cold ground creates a chilling factor that pulls out the animal’s body heat. Also, freezing rain penetrates through the animal’s fur and brings the cold to the skin. Not good!

Outdoor Animals Don’t Need Water During the Winter – FALSE

Animals need water in the winter; many outdoor animals suffer and die of dehydration because they don’t have access to an unfrozen water source.  People think that animals can eat snow and that way they receive the water they require. However, the frozen snow freezes the mouth and chills their body, because the body has to use valuable energy to melt it. Also, snow doesn’t provide adequate amounts of liquid water.

Walking in road salt hurts the animals foot pads and is painful – TRUE

This in fact, is true. The road salt can be very painful to the animal and it is important to clean the animal’s paws thoroughly after walking outside on the roads and sidewalks. There is also less harmful Ice Melter for our own sidewalks and drive ways available that is 100% salt-free. It is better for our children, pets and the environment.

What can we do to prepare our animals?

So let’s go over what we can do for outdoor animals as well as our inside pets.

  • CatA good parasite and defleaing control and prevention program really helps our animals stay comfortable, healthy and happy. Worming and defleaing in the fall is a high priority and will help the animal to winter well.
  • Regular feedings of plenty of good food to eat and access to clean fresh water. We put out a large heated bowl of water for any outdoor stray yard cats.
  • Wet food is great for animals in the winter, because they do not need to use too much energy to digest it and it gives them moisture. We should also provide dry food, since it doesn’t freeze in cold.
  • When we had cat yard strays, we needed to provide them a place, which is off the ground, insulated, and had a covered entrance. We also placed it out of the wind. We call it a Cat Box. We had a couple of boxes for them. Cat boxes are very easy and inexpensive to make yourself. We spayed and neutered the cats and homed them.
  • For those of us, who have a yard and let our dogs out, make sure to have an insulated dog house, where they can stay warm while enjoying the fresh air and their play time.

So, here are a few things to think about before the winter comes. Have you given thoughts to how to prepare yourself and your animal? Do you have some ideas and routines you would like to share? Please, leave a comment on the reply-box below. I would love to hear your comments!

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Animal Rescuers Talking – Download a free e-book!

Should I Rescue an Animal?

We found an amazing group of people that have rescued animals and are eager to share their stories and experiences with you! You might be unsure what to expect with a new animal and what kind of challenges or issues you might run into. Or maybe you are not even sure if you are enough of an animal person to begin with. Well, we are hoping that the stories from people that have gone through the same questions and thoughts before, will encourage you to adopt a puppy or or give a home to a rescued cat!


“He has taught me patience, unconditional love, and how to have fun again.”

“I have never had the opportunity to rescue, dogs from the streets have decided to adopt us many a time.”

“I highly encourage adoption of strays!!”

“All I can say is my four dogs rescued me.”

“Although she was a bit timid when she arrived, she has now become the warm and confident kitty I knew she would be.”


The stories of the rescuers are very inspirational and we truly hope you enjoy them!

You can read the full e-book (PDF-file) HERE.

To download the e-book, open the PDF-file, right-click on the document and choose “Save As.” and save the file to your computer.

Or CLICK on the image below to read it in a magazine format by clicking the image below (change the page by clicking the corner of the page):

Click to view the full Animal Rescuers Talking e-book
Read Animal Rescuers Talking – Compilation of Animal Rescue Experiences

Help us share the word by sharing this on social media! You can share the e-book by using the social media icons!


We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions, so feel free to write on the comment box below!

Feel free to use the material in any way that you think it might help rescuing animals. And of course we would love to hear the different ways that you are using the stories people have shared here.

Nellie the Rescue

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Appreciating the animal heroes!

ID-100104766It’s Memorial Day in the US and time to pay our respect to all of our war heroes, a big thank you to all of them. As an animal communicator, who wrote the book Animal Talking DIY, I will talk about a few of the many animal heroes. There are and always have been animals doing their part in different war and emergency areas around the world to help humans. Animals are everyday heroes in both war and peace times. Animals are the helpers and peacemakers offering us unconditional love and loyalty in all times and situations.

Here is a war story about a little Mongolian racehorse that became a Marine hero in the Korean War in the 50’s and this is a tribute to her.  She saved many lives by bringing medical supplies and ammunition through the war zones with bullets flying. On her own, day and night, she would find her own way from where she was sent to the moving marine units and would bring back the wounded marines! She also boosted morale by capturing the marines’ hearts; they would associate her with home and horses, and she provided them with emotional well-being. She earned her promotion to Sergeant and received the Purple Heart for her wounds. After the war, she was brought back to America and lived a happy retired life and was present at Marine events as an official

Marine war hero. Enjoy the brief video of her story:

Another true and great story is the story of Sgt Stubby, a stray pit-bull that became an army dog war hero that saved many lives. He would go on his own into the enemy’s no man’s land and find the wounded soldiers and helped them to find their way back to their units. He also warned the troops of poisoned gas attacks and saved them and even identified and caught a spy on his own! Here is a brief video of his story:


Animals are our everyday heroes and here is a dog that refused his badly injured friend after the tsunami in Japan:


These are just a few awesome stories reminding us that animals do amazing things and are our everyday heroes. Do you have an animal story that you would like to share? Feel free to write your story on the comment box below.

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