This is how we started rescuing cats!

Mama cat

Mama cat

Hello, I thought of you all and decided it was time to write another blog post! I wanted to talk about my experience with the rescues over my lifetime.  As I write this, I realize and share with you that ultimately each rescue was an exchange of energy of the highest level. I both gave and received good energy.

Being a horse person, I grew up with much knowledge about caring for all animals. Horses are significant teachers just like all animals, if we allow them to be and if you approach them with your heart. Later in my life, I left the horse world to have a so called “normal” life. I met a great guy and we settled down to enjoy a simple life together. About fourteen years ago we moved to a small house by a lake and a little neighborhood surrounding it. To my dismay, I found many cats that were strays in the area, un-spayed, un-neutered and starving for food, kindness, shelter and love. We have a screened outdoor porch attached to our home and they were drawn to our two in-door cats, talking through the screens. We decided to help them and made that our lifetime hobby. We considered it a win-win for them and for us.

I put food and water out for them daily and set up insulated boxes in our outdoor shed. I began to research different ways of helping them. Today, with Internet, we have the Internet providing us with unlimited amount of information and resources. Ally Cat Allies is a great source of information. I discovered a low-cost spay/neuter at our local Humane Society and as I became friendly with each one of the cats and gentled them, I was able to spay and neuter those that needed it.

Over the years we helped number of cats and brought in some that were unable to make it outside. So our indoor cat family grew in size, we had 10 at our fullest point. We were able to find one cat’s owner and home as he had been lost for 9 months. I always post any cat I find as “found” in the local paper’s lost-and-found section. We have had several cats pass away of old age. Keeping up with the cats created many new learning experiences for us. We had an established group of cats inside and learned the best ways of gently blending in the new ones to the group.

Rescuing Mama and her babies

Our most rewarding rescue was a young Mama Cat and her four babies, one little girl and three little boys. I want to share their story with you.

There was a very young cat that showed up outside the house, she was the most scared and anxious cat I ever saw. Her head hung down and she was afraid to come near us, very frightened. She was thin. She hung out on the outer sides of the enclosed fenced yard, too smart to go into a humane trap. So, I just kept feeding and watering her and softly talking to her. During this time she was the only stray cat outside and she was pregnant. She had her babies under the house next door in a crawl space, she could access.  We fed her very well and often, and eventually she started to trust us. I asked another animal communicator, if she would help me try to talk to the cat and persuade her to trust me and to bring her kittens over. You see, she was afraid of our cats that she saw in the screened porch and she was afraid for her babies. The animal communicator and I “talked” to her that night; we told her that she and her babies would have a good and safe, loving home with us. The next day I heard a mewing coming from the outdoor shed, it was a sound of a grey baby kitty. I went outside with a box and sat down with the kitty and put him into the box. I looked up and his Mama was coming down the driveway with a fat orange baby in her mouth. The Mama’s neck was held high straining as she carried him. She came into the shed and dropped him at my feet. Then, she left and returned with another baby, this was a little dark, tiger girl. Now we both stood there watching the babies in the cardboard box and she left again, but this time she returned without a kitty.

She kept looking over at the house next door. I opened up a can of salmon thinking; if anyone is left they might smell the food and come out.  And yes, I heard a tiny meow. I walked around our chain link fence to the neighbor’s side and there was a tiny kitty hiding under a few leaves by the fence.  He had tried to follow his Mom and his siblings, but couldn’t get through the fence. I scooped him up and now we had four babies. We sat together for a while to make sure we had them all and none was left behind. Then in the house we all went.

That was eight years ago. We kept Mama and her entire family. We can’t count the smiles this little family has put on our faces! What an awesome experience it has been watching them all grow up! Today that scared and anxious Mama couldn’t be happier living with her now grown up kitties.

I would love to hear if you have a stories of the animals you rescued! Feel free to share them!

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