Valentine’s Day, Animal Pals of Mine Day

Remembering all who put a smile on our hearts

Puppy-Kitty Love Drawing by Deanna Barney

Puppy-Kitty Love
Drawing by Deanna Barney

Valentine’s Day is a celebration and appreciation of love and friendship. It’s a time to take a moment to think of all those who have made us feel good and cared about. On Valentine’s Day we like to show them that we appreciate their unconditional love and that we care dearly for them. We remember, enjoy and acknowledge all those who put smiles on our hearts, including our beloved pets.

In our house, we are going to spend some extra time with our cat crew enjoying their company, playing with them, brushing them and giving them a catnip and toy party! It’s important to remind them that the love and care between us is mutual. Also, we will all enjoy some tasty and healthy treats! For our family, that’s what a good Valentine’s Day is made of!

Valentine, in his days, celebrated friendship and loving hearts and I believe that his message is carried out by us today by celebrating Valentine ’s Day with our friends and loved ones!

What are your plans with your family, friends and animal friends on Valentine’s Day?

snuggling cats

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