Why Spay / Neuter? Why Contribute To Humaneness?

DSC03752Why spay / neuter? You will help an animal and make an invaluable difference in its life. For you. you will feel  good about creating humaneness and preventing over population of animals. Did you know that in 7 years an unaltered female cat can produce 370,000 kittens? An unaltered female dog can produce 67,000 puppies in 6 years. Spay / neuter is a onetime cost! It is an investment in better for an animal’s life.

Spay/neuter prevents many negative behaviors. Unwanted pregnancies, going into heat, wandering, fighting and biting are some of the negative things that spay/ neuter prevents. Good life, good health, good behavior is promoted through spaying and neutering.

Good veterinarians realize its importance and some are offering it as early as 8 weeks. There are also spay/neuter clinics that you can use. They offer excellent state of the art service at subsidized, low prices.

Contributing donations to spay/neuter clinics will foster humaneness to animals and lowers the high over population by lowering the harm it causes to animals.

Whether you spay/neuter a pet or are contributing to the clinic, or even both , helping animals and lowering the over population of animals. And on top of that, you will feel good!

Here is a prime example of one of the clinics doing a wonderful job helping our animal friends:

Everyanimalmatters.org – this organization has spayed and neutered over 184,000 cats since 1997. As a result Connecticut has the lowest euthanasia rates for cats in the nation.